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As a child I had German Shepherds. As an adult I found a love of the Australian Cattle Dog and worked with rescue dogs in training and rehabilitation.  I did research on health testing and conformation. I bought a male and female and got his AKC championship. This was the foundation of my small breeding program with a great emphasis on Health testing and sound temperament. I raised ACDs for about seven years and are very proud of the puppies I produced. Through my dogs, I found the sport of herding and value in seeing the dogs achieve more than just conformation titles. While working my dogs in Herding, the German Shepherd Breed caught my eye. We began researching the breed and in short time found a friend in Camilla Hart with SentinelHarts German Shepherds. I wanted to try my hand in working with a German Shepherd and Camilla agreed to send me a female (Kona) to start. I found stark differences in the two breeds and I became increasingly fond of the German Shepherd Dog again. About one year later, I was diagnosed with cancer and faced a year of treatment. We made the decision to move back to Michigan for Chemo treatments. My dog training and competition days were put on a firm hold. Kona was sent to an experienced herding trainer in Arizona where she went on to earn a Herding Excellent. When my health allowed, I continued to show and breed ACD's but something was missing. I needed a German Shepherd of my own and I wanted to train her to be my service dog. I knew from the day we brought Sheena von SentinelHarts home, she was just what I needed when I needed it. We quickly realized our future was with the German Shepherd Breed. Our Acd's are now living in great homes, not far from us and are doing what they love- herding and are excelling with the help of StockOptions ACD's. In 2014, we brought Whisky into our home. This was the start of our new journey, applying the things learned over the past years and looking forward to learning much more.

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